Are you tired of your gate remote running out of power at inconvenient times?
Ensure your gate access is always hassle-free with Vinnic A23 and A27 12 Volt Alkaline Batteries for your gate remote control.

Discover Reliable Power for your gate remote control: Our Vinnic batteries are trusted by gate owners for their reliability and long-lasting performance. They provide the energy needed to keep your gate remote functioning optimally.

A23 for Compact Remotes: The Vinnic A23 is a compact yet powerful 12 Volt battery designed for smaller gate remotes. Its compact size doesn't compromise on power, ensuring your remote works efficiently.

A27 for Extended Power: If your gate remote requires a bit more juice, the Vinnic A27 12 Volt battery is the ideal choice. It offers extended power, reducing the frequency of battery replacements.

Easy Installation: Replacing your gate remote battery is a breeze. Just swap out the old battery with a fresh Vinnic A23 or A27, and you're ready to go.

Stay Prepared: Don't wait for your gate remote to die unexpectedly. Keep a supply of Vinnic gate remote batteries on hand to ensure uninterrupted access to your property.

Trustworthy Performance: Vinnic is synonymous with quality and performance. These alkaline batteries are engineered to meet the demands of gate remotes, providing dependable power when you need it most.

Affordable Convenience: Keeping your gate remote powered shouldn't break the bank. Vinnic A23 and A27 batteries offer an affordable solution for maintaining your gate access.

Order Yours Today: Elevate your gate remote experience with Vinnic A23 and A27 12 Volt Alkaline Batteries. Order today to enjoy reliable, long-lasting power for your gate access.


Vinnic A23 12 Volt Alkaline Battery

Vinnic A23 12V Battery
  • 12 V Alkaline Battery
  • Height - 28.9mm
  • Diameter - 10.3mm
  • Vinnic
Delivery available to most SA destinations

Vinnic A27 Vinnic 12 Volt Alkaline Battery

Vinnic A27 12V Battery
  • 12 Volt Alkaline
  • Height - 28.5mm
  • Diameter - 7.7mm
  • Vinnic
Delivery available to most SA destinations