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From everyday essentials to specialised devices, our line of Vinnic batteries delivers reliable and long-lasting performance for all your power needs. Whether it's the Vinnic Alkaline batteries for household gadgets, Vinnic Coin Cells for small electronic devices, or Vinnic Hearing Aid batteries for crystal-clear sound, High Voltage Industries has the perfect power source to keep your devices running smoothly.

Explore our comprehensive range of Vinnic batteries below and experience the unmatched quality and dependability trusted by customers worldwide.

Power up with Vinnic batteries and embrace seamless performance for your devices at High Voltage.




Vinnic A23 12 Volt Alkaline Battery

Vinnic A23 12V Battery
  • 12 V Alkaline Battery
  • Height - 28.9mm
  • Diameter - 10.3mm
  • Vinnic
Delivery available to most SA destinations

Vinnic A27 Vinnic 12 Volt Alkaline Battery

Vinnic A27 12V Battery
  • 12 Volt Alkaline
  • Height - 28.5mm
  • Diameter - 7.7mm
  • Vinnic
Delivery available to most SA destinations